Compulsive Buying Behavior and Online Shopping Addiction of Women

Published: 12 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/m4bp9p2n8j.1
babu manaivannan,
Sathya Jayapal,
Gayathri Jayapal,
Indhumathi G,
Anandhi Elangovan


This dataset contains details on age, income, working status and expenditure on online shopping as well as the frequency of online shopping and the major categories of items bought by 200 respondents in Salem City, Tamilnadu. This study aims to discover women's attitudes and online shopping habits, as well as the reasons behind the addiction. Respondents need to be urban women who are addicted to online shopping. Accordingly, their inclusion criteria are: a) the participants must be aged 18 to 60; b) they must be females who are urban and have an interest in online shopping. On the basis of inclusion criteria, purposive sampling was used to select respondents from Salem city. Thus, based on inclusion criteria, respondents from Salem city were identified and colletced their responses through Google Forms.


Steps to reproduce

Two hundred urban women, who were in the habit of online shopping were purposively selected in Salem City. The data were collected through google forms. The primary data were analysed, using statistical tools like ANOVA, factor analysis and correspondance analysis.


Bharathidasan University


Social Behavior