Energy to Energy to Mass Conversion

Published: 1 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vzps7jyp87.1


.The standards obtained by different text book about different Particles and Energy are different in different units. Like:- Mass value of Neutron 1.6749 x 10^-27 Kg. Proton mass 1.672623 x 10^-27 Kg, electron mass 9.109390 x 10^-31 Kg, Atomic mass 1.66050 x 10^-27 Kg in amu Unit, Neutron mass1.008664 u, Proton mass 1007276 u. electron mass 0.0005458 u. As per, e = mC^2 one energy 1.6021766 x 10^-34 Joule. Equivalent mass 1.782662 x 10^-36 Kg. There was a lot of curiosity in the quality of the same mass, same energy its answers and the strong desire to know the secrets of those numbers, digits, values. Then I went to find their relationship and saw the relationship between the values and numbers and digit obtained from all these units, and without unit. Find same value either quantity, or almost same number digit from these used Units and without Units, without power with power. For example 1.6021766 x 10^-34 Joule = 1.6021766 Unit. Energy 1.782662 x 10^-36 Kg. = 1.782662 Unit mass like this. I found the hadith of the original and prime, or root of numbers/digits in them. If the same result is found again and again and in different ways, then in the language of science it is considered as evidence. From this belief I have tried to present all those calculations in each article. It seemed my duty to tell everyone about it, Then in each article I have tried to describe each step as briefly as possible. Although I have to admit, I don't know how successful this effort has been with my little knowledge. In some cases, the change of language and the rules of writing in scientific terms have caused problems, So I have tried to make it suitable for all types of readers to understand easily. This article discusses the value of mass in each color’s light, and the value and origin of the digit and what their weight and mass might be.



Atomic Physics