Finite Periodic Topology Optimization with Oriented Unit-cells Data Set

Published: 19 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/wj6s2d8xbg.1
Simon Thomas


This data set includes all the relevant data for the paper "On Finite Periodic Topology Optimization with Oriented Unit-cells" by Simon Thomas, Qing Li and Grant Steven. This includes: MATLAB Code utilized with ANSYS APDL Alternative self-contained MATLAB function for replication of results MATLAB workspace files corresponding to the compliance and frequency examples in manuscript Figures within the manuscript


Steps to reproduce

The simplest way to reproduce sample results from this paper it the use of the self-contained MATLAB function Orient_XX.m. Simply open Orient_XX.m and run the function with inputs Orient_XX(Mesh,Orientations,VolTarg,LoadType) Such as: Orient(40,[0;0;0;0],0.5,1) Orient(40,[0;2;2;0],0.4,2) Orient(40,[0;2;6;4],0.3,1)