In situ hybridization of Xenopus laevis with chordin and actc1 probe after knockdown of MMP3, Noggin2 and Chordin genes.

Published: 13 April 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/yym4np2zf6.2
Eugeny Orlov,
Elena Parshina,
Alexey Nesterenko,
Andrey Zaraisky


This dataset demonstrates the influence of MMP3 on the development of mesoderm tissues in Xenopus laevis embryos. Chordal mesoderm is visualized with Chordin probe, whereas somite mesoderm - with Actc1 probe. All embryos were fixed at stage 15 (NF). Our hypothesis considers MMP3 to stabilize the Chordin, and the former degrade faster under low MMP3 level that follows in smaller somite mesoderm. At the same time, MMP3 increases the degradation of Noggin2, which is expressed in the organizer region and expands the area of chordal mesoderm.


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Institut bioorganiceskoj himii RAN


Embryology, Xenopus laevis, Mesoderm, Gastrulation