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All raw data related to the experiments conducted in this work, the name refer to the figures on the paper
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This is the supporting raw data and information behind the published paper "Speedy milking of fresh venom from Aculeate hymenopterans" by Fox et al. (2018), available at: It includes: - Draft version of the manuscript prior to submission; - Peer review details; - Raw chromatograms obtained for centrifuge-milked venoms of fire ants, two species of bees, one species of Asian hornet; - Raw chromatograms of internal and calibration standards; - Images and details on the identification of utilised insects; - Pictures obtained for the venoms extracted and utilised structures. Disclaimer: The presented method for venom extraction is extremely simple, and can be extended to other poisonous animal through simple adaptations. Such secretions can be highly dangerous. Responsible use of this technology is strongly recommended. Venom obtained via such method is to be used for legal, surveilled scientific purposes **only**.
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