The relationship of Energy with Atoms and Time, Space

Published: 9 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/j73pz5g35g.1


In each of the previous articles, electrons, protons, etc., the relationship of ‘L’ with particle and light has been shown. It also provides detailed information on why each number used in physics is being used, and what sources are used to find the source. In the present article, too, are electrons, protons, Pi, time, space, how they come together, and what is the source of ‘C’2? (in the great formula e=mC2 . I respect sir Einstein’s contribution) .This has been discussed. I look at each article from different angles and from different perspectives; I have tried to prove their authenticity by calculating the atomic and light constants, quantum etc. by mathematics. All of these articles were later published in Mendely Data. Which has taken a place in the court of the world (scientist community) today through social media. And how the properties of matter/particles are hidden in all these combinations of Atom Therefore, I urge all readers to read each of the previous articles once to understand this article better or to know the details.


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This article discusses relation between atomic mass and energy with electric charge of electron and Proton’s. Here, it is found that, by comparing with e=mc2 . Which gives a new process of calculation about atomic structure, ‘Pi’; electron mass, and also C^2 = Speed of Light Square. in great equation e=mc2 . In present essay, have shown the digit or number ‘L’ = 0.413334 used with Proton mass, electron mass, energy, Pi, etc. And also have shown that how to involve Time 3600 second with Proton mass, electron mass & energy,


Atomic Physics